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Private Investigation

Attention to Detail

Eagle Eye Process Service LLC is partnered with Quinn Private Investigations, PLLC (QPI) to offer licensed private investigation services across the state of Texas.  QPI has highly trained and licensed professionals who can provide solutions to your investigative needs, supported by a leading firm, headquartered in Central Texas.  QPI maintains its license A09424101 and is insured with the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Quinn Private Investigations conducts professional, covert and expert case management for:

  • DOMESTIC - Infidelity, Child Custody, Relationship Research, Minor and Elder Abuse, Missing Persons

  • CRIMINAL - Case Analysis, Pre and Post Conviction Interviews, Appellate Research and Support, Witness Statements

  • CORPORATE - Due Diligence, Current & Past Employee Integrity, Proprietary Corporate Assets Research

  • PRE-EMPLOYMENT BACKGROUND INVESTIGATIONS - HR Process Consultation, Fully Compliant Employment Investigations

  • SURVEILLANCE - Conducted 24/7 for all types of investigations

  • PROCESS SERVICE - Statewide service available

Please contact us at Quinn Private Investigations directly or through our local representatives for a free consultation regarding your case and concerns.Robert Gonzalez is a licensed private investigator in the state of Texas, affiliated with and employed by Quinn Private Investigations, PLLC, License Number A09424101.

Private Investigation: Services
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